Why Attend TIA 2011?

TIA 2011: Inside the Network is not the typical tradeshow. What’s different?

For starters, TIA 2011: Inside the Network is about connecting to the community of all those who make the network work: the engineers, product managers, strategists and executives who need to know where the industry is going, who the players will be, and how to position their products and businesses to address the challenges of demand on the Network in the next 5-10 years.

And, TIA 2011: Inside the Network provides both a physical forum for learning, networking, product demos and business relationships, and an online environment through the Digital Marketplace, a 3-month-long virtual tradeshow being held April 1-June 30, 2011. The two will complement one another.

The Exhibit Floor is a dynamic and interesting combination of exhibit booths, presentation theater, video displays, a Startup Showcase, a Lounge, and meeting spaces – all designed to ensure you get the most out of your visit.

The Summit is a series of interactive learning tracks for both technologists and business leaders, around topics relevant to the future security, reliability and sustainability of the Network.

Summit Tracks

Through an interactive process of soliciting input from members and the industry at large, TIA has compiled a balanced set of topics to engage both service providers and equipment suppliers in needed conversations about the future of the Network – in terms of security, reliability and sustainability. These are the topics that are demanding our attention as an industry – join us in defining our own future!

And, with the unique format of Summit sessions in the morning and Exhibits in the afternoon, you can fully participate in both!