Grapevine 6

Morning Sessions

8:30 – 9:00 am

Virtualization and Elastic Provisioning in Carrier-Grade Solutions

Modern carrier-grade platforms provide unprecedented amounts of processing, memory, and network I/O resources, but also present challenges to effectively scaling solutions to utilize their resources. Through intelligent use of carrier-class virtualization solutions and elastic provisioning techniques, solution developers can create highly scalable platforms and eliminate unnecessary over-provisioning of resources for peak usage. The growing industry focuses on 4G wireless deployments, HD-quality video to all devices, the continuing transition to VoIP technologies, increased security concerns, and power efficiency reqs are all driving the need for more flexible solutions.  This presentation will discuss techniques for developing carrier-grade private cloud solutions that address packet processing, encryption/decryption, load balancing, transcoding, and general purpose processing of modern IP-based telecommunications platforms while saving real estate and minimizing capital expenditure.

Austin Hipes, Director of Field Engineering, NEI

9:00 – 9:30 am

What must happen for Ethernet to Replace SONET/SDH at the network Edge?

As the demand for advanced business IP and Carrier Ethernet services increases, competitive service providers are transitioning their networks to eliminate the legacy TDM infrastructure that was optimized around voice services. In recent years, Carrier Ethernet has evolved to the point that it’s actively under consideration as THE next-generation technology at the network edge. However, there are still unresolved issues that are preventing Carrier Ethernet from taking over for SONET/SDH in all applications. In this talk, Overture and a service provider (TBD) co-presenter will explore these obstacles and present the results of service provider research identifying the most important of these obstacles and what can be done about them.

Mark McDonald, Vice President, Product Management, Overture Networks

Don MacNeil, Vice President Carrier Services Operations, XO Communications