TIA 2011 Call for Papers is now open.

Call for Speakers

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) is accepting submissions for presentations and panel sessions for TIA 2011: Inside the Network, a Summit and Exhibition taking place May 17 – 20, 2011 at the Gaylord Texan near Dallas, Texas.

TIA 2011: Inside the Network features new perspective and vision to the evolving business case, value proposition and technology use case of the broadband economy. Where there once was voice, video and data – there is now an emerging all-IP network of converged wireless and wireline content.

Today, network operators serve enterprises and residences. More and more, customers may include utilities, utility cooperatives, application developers, over the top video (OTT) providers, technology suppliers and more. At the same time, demands being placed on the network infrastructure will increasingly affect network security, reliability and sustainability. TIA 2011: Inside the Network focuses on challenges and solutions for the global community of buyers, sellers and users of the network.

We are seeking knowledgeable, insightful and forward-looking speakers covering all aspects of broadband communications, networks and services. Speakers are required to be objective, dynamic and enthusiastic about sharing their expertise and knowledge.

Please review the conference tracks/topics, guidelines, evaluation criteria and other important facts regarding speaking opportunities.  Submit your speaker proposals here.

Educational Tracks

  1. Applications & Services on the Converged Network
  2. Enabling Technology on the Converged Network
  3. Sustainable Network Operations
  4. The Utility Network
  5. Smart Device & M2M Network
  6. Mobile Backhaul, Data & Video Network
  7. Regulatory Environment for the Future of the Network

Accuracy in Title and Description:

The quality of the description of your presentation matters. The ability for your description to clearly explain what the attendees will take away from your presentation is critical for your submission to make it through the review process.

Topics should provide a unique perspective; a new viewpoint or consideration for businesses on the supply and demand side of the broadband economy.

Timeliness and Interest
Topics should contain new material –visionary perspective, business model, application or technology use case focusing on the future of the Network — not presented at previous telecom or broadband industry events.

Educational Value
An objective presentation is a requirement; one that meets the educational needs of the audience foremost is optimal to enhancing the credibility of the speaker, the speaker’s employer and the conference. Lengthy details of a company product or service are prohibited.

Audio/Video Release

In most cases, speakers are required to give to TIA the right and permission to make video, audio, and all other forms of recordings of the presentation delivered at TIA 2011. Additionally, speakers may be asked to participate in video Interviews as part of the TIA 2011 Digital Marketplace, an online virtual tradeshow taking place April-June, 2011.

Deadline for submissions: December 1, 2010

All selected speakers will be required to submit all necessary presentation materials in accordance with deadlines prior to the event.

No Substitutions
Speaker and panelist substitutions are not allowed, except in the case of an emergency. In the event that a speaker cannot fulfill his/her commitment due to an emergency, a substitute may be submitted in writing for approval; however this does not guarantee a speaking slot for the substitute.

Financial Assistance
Speakers are responsible for expenses as well as hotel and travel arrangements. The event takes place at the Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine, Texas (about 10 minutes’ drive from the Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport).