The ICT industry accounts for 2-3% of carbon emissions on a worldwide basis. Every day network connections increasingly carry with them more voice, data and video content. That increased amount of data and content means that more capacity, and thus more power, is required to run the Network.

This track focuses on integrating economic, social and environmental issues into your business strategy to provide greater value.

Business Case Challenges

  • Dollars and Watts: Improving energy use and efficiency throughout all facilities
  • Dematerialization: Systematic electronic data transfer and storage
  • Initiatives to reduce energy consumption in fiber systems
  • Building an organizational culture of sustainability
  • Minimizing the environmental impact of your products through their entire life cycle
  • Product Stewardship

Technology & Solutions

  • Tools for measuring total company impact
  • Energy management of wireless access networks
  • Strategies to retire, remove, replace obsolete equipment
  • Technical and operational initiatives established and implemented that enable greater energy/power efficiencies